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Roof replacement and installation in San Antonio, TX can be hassle free when you work with Wilson Roofing and Renovations.

The Best Roof replacement in San Antonio, TX

Wilson Roofing and Renovations believes in giving our customers the best. From roof replacement in San Antonio, TX to the products we use, you deserve results you can be proud of.

That’s why we always recommend shingles from Atlas or CertainTeed. If you’ve got a manufacturer you like more, though, we’ll be happy to work with them to make sure you’re satisfied.

For example, some companies shy away from metal roofing but we like to use McElroy products for that. We’re also familiar with brands like GAF and Owens Corning, so it’s whatever you want.

When you call us, you don’t have to worry about anything. We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop shop, because we do it all ourselves. We’ve got an experienced team and our own equipment.

It will be our methods that we apply to give you the best roof in the area, because we want it done right. Depending on your contract, we might be able to add a layer of materials over the existing one.

You might not want to for a few reasons, though, like weight. Either way, give us a call at 210-764-4111 today and schedule a free estimate to get started!


What to Expect for roof REPLACEMENT in San Antonio

We’ve got a process that works and want you to know what to expect once you hire us:
  1. Obviously, the first step is to dial 210-764-4111 and let us know you need a roof replacement in San Antonio, TX.
  2. We’ll come out and take off the existing roof.
  3. Our team will look for signs of underlying damage.
  4. Install or repair underlayment, a drip edge, and waterproofing.
  5. We’ll lay down the shingles, beginning with a “starter shingle.”
  6. Flashing replacement and ridge cap installation.
  7. Time to seal your roof.
  8. Clean up the area and check for any fallen nails or debris.
  9. One last check before we get your roof warranty registered.

The main reason that you may or may not be able to add another layer of shingles over existing ones is due to weight. Your roof can hold a certain amount and some materials weigh more than others.

Once you add the weight of other things like moisture and leaves, it gets heavy up there. This can lead to a collapse, so you always have to be careful. Of course, some areas just don’t allow it.

Even if you can, though, you might not like the way it looks. If your previous materials were beginning to warp or peel at all, that can affect how the new layer goes on and it can look bad.

Feel free to ask any questions or schedule your estimate when you call us at 210-764-4111!

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Big or small, we are proud of all of the projects we do. Here are a few of the jobs we have done recently.


In the modern world, it can be tempting to do things yourself. With so many online tutorials, you might think you’ll save money by replacing your roof on your own. Unfortunately for the people that try this, it’s just not the case. While it’s true that a complete replacement can take longer than adding a new layer, which translates to more labor, you won’t save more by doing it yourself.

As a team of professionals, we know what we’re doing so we can do it faster. Not only that, but we’ll do it correctly and you won’t have to worry about half your roof being misaligned. There’s also the safety issue, because we have insurance specifically to protect us if we get hurt and equipment to prevent that. To top it all off, we know what to look for when we get your roofing off.

Between all of that and the discounts we have with manufacturers, you won’t save much by trying it yourself and you’ll spend a lot more time and effort. You’ve got nothing to lose by calling us today and scheduling your free estimate, so call 210-764-4111 now!

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