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Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or a roof installation, you’ve come to the right place. Wilson Roofing and Renovations can handle your needs for commercial roofing in Boerne, TX.

There are several different commercial roofing materials for you to choose from. Not only do we know how to work with each one, but our experts can make recommendations based on what you want.

EPDM, TPO, and BUR are the most-common choices among our customers. The latter has been around for over 100 years, which means that BUR’s history speaks for itself.

It’s got electricity and fire resistance, but the layered material makes it very durable. However, the layers make it heavier so it’s not great for all buildings. Still, it holds up great to impacts.

There are roof coatings to consider as well, and you can get your BUR coated to be waterproof or UV reflective. It’s easy to install and lasts about 30 years, but it’s kind of pricey at around $200 per square foot.

The Built-Up Roofing protects well on sloped roofs. If you’ve got questions or want to schedule a free estimate, give us a call now at 210-764-4111!

We Know Commercial Roofing in BOERNE, TX

EPDM comes in sheets that can be either black or white. It’s a material that’s easy to install and goes on quickly for solid insulation and a lower cost than many other materials.

The white is naturally reflective while the black material is good for a rooftop garden or solar panels. Where EPDM lasts about 20 years, TPO is also UV reflective but only lasts half that. 

You’ll need a contractor to install ThermoPlastic Polyolefin properly, but it works on flat and sloped roofs. It’s also relatively inexpensive, but it’s newer than many of the tested materials.

TPO comes with a natural resistance to mold, tearing, corrosion, and it’s easy to work with. The faster it goes down, the more you’ll save on time and labor for the installation.

Our commercial roofing experts are waiting to give you a hand. Call 210-764-4111 or fill out the online form to schedule a free estimate today! Of course, you still have coatings to think about.

Protective Commercial Roofing in BOERNE, TX

Depending on which material you go with, you might be interested in some of the optional coatings. Different commercial roofing in Boerne, TX are susceptible to different problems, so coatings can fill in those gaps. From reinforced insulation and waterproofing to increased longevity and UV reflection, you can make your roofing materials stronger.

One of the biggest issues with BUR is the weight on your structure, but the strength provided by roof coatings can mean fewer layers. There’s also the electricity usage to think about with UV reflection, because you’ll use less cooling if the heat stays outside. Whatever you’re looking for, call 210-764-4111 with any questions or to find out more about materials or your free estimate!

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