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The Difference Between a "Reroof" and a "Tear Off"

You may have heard terms in the roofing industry like “reroof” or “tear off” but not know the difference. Keep reading to get the run down on how the two differ.

What’s a Roof Overlay (reroof) vs a Tearoff?

Your roof can withstand a lot, but it’s inevitable that you’ll need a roof replacement eventually. Between constant weather and age, your roofing materials can become worn or damaged and put your home at risk. 

The good news is that a roof replacement gives you the opportunity to upgrade or update your materials. You’ll get to choose between a roof overlay or a tearoff, though. Our experts at Wilson Roofing and Renovations can recommend which is better for your home.

An overlay can be great if you’re limited on your budget and the roof isn’t too worn down. On the other hand, a tearoff basically gives you a fresh new roof. Both offer benefits to consider that will keep you and your property safe from the elements, so call us today for an estimate!

Roof Tearoff 101

If you’re new to roof replacement, a roof tearoff is exactly how it sounds. The old materials are pulled off and disposed of while our team installs new materials for each layer. Here are some of the main reasons customers love a tearoff:

  1. Longer lifespan. The most popular residential roofing materials are asphalt shingles, which could last as long as 30 years with proper maintenance.
  2. New roofing materials. We’ll take great care to give you a complete roof replacement with a tearoff. With the materials gone, we can inspect your underlayment and decking for any signs of damage or wear and judge if roof repair is necessary. This lets us prevent future issues like rot, mold, and weakened decking from leaks.
  3. You can upgrade your roof. Too often, we’ve seen contractors use subpar materials to build a roof. Older homes and materials are unnecessary risks that can be avoided by upgrading your roofing. Each material can be better for various climates and locations, so you can trust our recommendations. For example, felt can upgrade to synthetic underlayment or CDX plywood can be the next step up from oriented strand board.
  4. Better durability. A new roof made of fresh materials will naturally last longer than one that’s weathered the elements for over a decade. With a tearoff, we can perform a comprehensive inspection of your roofing layers for damages. By addressing any potential concerns and making necessary repairs before they lead to major damage, we can increase the longevity of your new roof installation.
  5. Increased curb appeal. Replacing the materials of your roof can improve its longevity and your property value along with it. This is a great option if you’re thinking of selling your house within the next 10 years, especially if your roof is damaged or leaking.

The only real negative of a roof tearoff is that it could cost more than an overlay, because of the labor involved. However, by removing the previous materials, our experts will be able to locate the source of any issues and diagnose problems.

With proper roof repair and installation, you’ll be able to trust your roof to be secure. We’ll also handle the material disposal for you, so a professional tearoff might be the best option. Give us a call now and let us recommend which service is better for your roof replacement!

Overlaying Your Roof

If you’re thinking of getting an overlay, it’s where we basically install fresh materials over the ones already on your roof. There’s no tearoff involved, so there’s less labor involved. Weight can make it invalid, but here’s what you can look forward to with an overlay:

  1. Reduced risks. When it comes to roofing services, there are always inherent risks to consider. It could be debris falling onto your vehicle and causing expensive damages or a random storm ruining the dry-in steps. When you work with our professionals, you can feel secure knowing that we’ll take every precaution to minimize the amount of risks involved with your overlay.
  2. Fast roof installation. Because there’s less labor required and no invasive work, an overlay can be done days sooner than a tearoff.
  3. More affordable. As with most things, labor can get expensive. A roof overlay reduces the amount of labor involved and takes less time. We also won’t have to dispose of the materials removed in a tearoff. If you plan to get a roof replacement 5 or 10 years from now, an overlay is also a great choice to save now. Just remember that it will be more labor to remove 2 layers of materials for your new roof later.

An overlay can be a fantastic, and affordable, alternative to a roof tearoff. However, there are some reasons that you might not be able to, or want to, have an overlay done on your roof. The main points against an overlay are:

  1. Lower quality results. Because the previous materials stay on your roof, the inspection of your decking and underlayment is limited. That means any damages or wear on those layers go without roof repair.
  2. Harder to maintain. Along the same lines as the quality, the added layer of materials can make it difficult to identify the source of any leaks or issues.
  3. Shorter lifespan. One reason that an overlay is great if you’ll replace your roof soon is because the added materials can make your roof hotter. This can cause your materials to peel, crack, or rot faster. Your overlay materials could last 16 years, but there are many different roofing situations.
  4. More materials means more weight on your foundation. Local safety codes could render an overlay to be invalid as an option. Even if it wouldn’t be a violation, some homes aren’t structurally capable of the extra weight.
  5. Doesn’t boost your property value as much as a tearoff. The main reason goes back to quality, because your old materials could be damaged. Because it’s hard to do much about those issues with a second layer over them, it will affect your curb appeal.

Despite the fact that an overlay might not be viable in your area due to safety codes, both options of an overlay and tearoff are worth considering. Either roof replacement can secure your roof and protect you from the elements and debris.

It all starts with a professional inspection by Wilson Roofing and Renovations. Our trained experts will check your roof for signs of damage and recommend the best option for your situation. Get started with an estimate when you give us a call now!

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